Moais and Mystery in Easter Island

So, you know how for decades we’ve been spoiled with dreamy images of gigantic stone statues protecting the distant shores of the seemingly impenetrable island off the coast of Chile? Well, I never EVER thought I would be able to see this place with my own eyes, to breath in its mystique and wonder, but I am beyond grateful to share that I was proven wrong and in October had the insane pleasure of spending two nights in Easter Island and let me tell you, it’s even more dreamy than the pictures allow.

The history of its people and their sacred Moai statues is not 100% known or agreed upon. Theories exist throughout the academic world that contradict each other and not one of them is accepted as the true history. It’s literally a mystery and oh so charming as a result! The quarry where the statues were cut proved to be quite a trek from some of the sites and no one REALLY knows how the statues got there. Some legends say they walked themselves!

The most iconic image we’ve been treated to courtesy of National Geographic, the line of 15 Moai at Ahu Tongariki, does not actually depict how the statues were found by the archeologists who restored the sacred sites. They had to be completely reconstructed and I can’t believe I got to meet some of the individuals responsible for the site as we know it today! We got a sneak peak of their upcoming documentary – I can’t wait to see it when it comes out!

Overall this island completely exceeded my high expectations, from its enigmatic statues and wild horses, to its volcanic Rano Kau crater and rocky coastline. I know its not easy to get to but I cannot recommend a visit to this place enough!

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking:

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