Diving and Canyoneering in Cebu

Although it took us over 16 hours to get from London to our hotel in Cebu, the resort was so welcoming – well worth it. I wouldn’t recommend just four hours of sleep EVER but since we were so screwed up on our time zones, waking up for our morning dive wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. So grateful we did a refresher course before the dive – it had been almost 2.5 years since my last dive in Bali. Kontiki Marina was a great place to be re-introduced to the sport – thanks SiDive! We saw lots of small sea life including the enchanting and gorgeous nudibranches. In sticking with our goals of focusing, we decided to go without our GoPro so no underwater pics from this dive.

Our friend joined us after the dive and arrived in the afternoon. The rest of the day was all about tropical drinks and relaxation at the resort. The exhaustion caught up around dinner time and hit HARD. We didn’t last much past dinner, in bed by 8pm – a wonderful move on our part since our next morning pick-up was due at 5am.

Luckily we were on time, as our phone rang at 4:30 – our driver was early – another great thing since our transfer to Canyoneering was almost 4 hours. Totally worth it though to see the sunrise over the fishing boats and witness some local life out and about among the small villages we passed through.

We had such a great time jumping off rocks and wading through the gorgeous turquoise waters along the route – I’ll never forget how gorgeous the area is – total movie set.

A bit about the canyoneering:

  • You do need to sign a waiver – most travel insurances don’t cover this activity unless you purchase the next level.
  • The shoes they provide are old sneakers – love the recycling but the treads are a tad worn down. Basically, it’s worth noting that they are not special shoes specific for the activity. I opted to wear my own shoes, so if you have water shoes and prefer your own I would recommend it.
  • Don’t expect a history or cultural lesson on the area – our guide spoke very little to us aside from explaining the proper form and explaining when we were to take a break so he could have a cigarette and flirt with the locals.
  • He did however stop us to take plenty of photos with our camera, making sure that we left well-stocked with beautiful pictures.
  • There are no proper bathrooms along the route, just at the start/end point.
  • You can purchase water, soda, and snacks at the beginning and somewhere around the middle. The guide will keep a running tally of what you owe and you pay once you return to the rest of your belongings.

The rest:

That evening and the next day was all about relaxing to the max – fruity drinks, laying by the pool, and just plain chillin’ – things I NEVER do unless I’m on vacation. And the Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel was the perfect place to do it! Wish we had more days to relax but our flight to Cebu was the day after our canyoneering trip! On to the next place!

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