5 Nights, 5 Beds – From the UK to the PI

My travel day was set to go off without a hitch. Alarm off for 5:30am, a morning yoga class would stretch me out and get me that much closer to UK time. Setting off for SeaTac, I had felt so accomplished and ready. Our apartment was impeccably clean – more than it had been in the nearly 6 months we lived there, sheets were crisp and ready for my return, all perishable foods consumed; garbage, compost, and recycling were empty and to top it all off my luggage was well under 50lbs!

Sun graced my face on the crisp walk to the bus stop as I set out to the airport. Well…that bus broke down. Luckily I hopped on the one that pulled up next. An uneventful train ride, quick bag drop off, and an effortless security scan later, I plopped myself down at the first vegetarian restaurant at my beautiful local airport. As with all airport food, it was way more pricey than I was happy spending, so I stuck with an appetizer…let’s just say friends, that brussel sprouts were a bad idea

My gurgley stomach and I made perfect time for our flight and all was a ‘go’ until minutes into my movie the plane’s power shut down and the pilot piped up with news that a crucial plane piece needed replaced. So we waited 2 hours on the runway for the mechanics to patch us up. The time went surprisingly fast – super grateful for the foldable Bluetooth keyboard I treated myself to so I can work on my phone rather than toting my laptop around.

Needless to say that that 2-hour delay corrupted my whole timeline, causing me to miss my Manchester flight out of Iceland. Instead of staying in rainy Reyjavjik for the night (which would have been great if I wasn’t jetting over for a wedding) as the airline had arranged, I haggled for them to get me to Manchester tonight in any way possible. I had to go hours out of my way first to Copenhagen to then transfer to Manchester and lose 7 hours of British family time but hey, that’s travel. I’m counting the luckiest of my stars that I didn’t miss a full day!

Wedding festivities went off without a hitch, stayed at 2 lovely inns, one of which happened to be the wedding venue – thankful for the short commute. Overall I’m quite impressed with my body. It hasn’t been easy in the least, adjusting to an eight-hour time difference while staying up crazy hours with rowdy Brits to celebrate a wedding, but I only stepped away and missed a couple hours for rest in total.

Getting into London is always exciting and this time of course didn’t disappoint. I just love seeing the historic buildings from new angles. Somehow we manage to stumble on something different each time. Imagine our surprise as we stood at the Birmingham Station ticket machine ready to pass through and the tickets were nowhere to be found…cue Rob’s freak out and retracing of our route. Yep…they were on the floor. Of the train station…I wish I could say that was the only time that has happened on our travels….

Our day overall was pretty well planned and spaced out from waking up at the venue (too early) and having breakfast with the wedding crew, to stopping at a vegan restaurant in London between train rides. Everything aside from misplacing the tickets was easy, including security – and if you know Heathrow, you know that that is not always the case! We even had an hour or so to have a tea and catch up on a couple of emails at a little restaurant in Terminal 5. We actually got a little carried away with time and ended up having to run to our gate. I was a little concerned when I noticed hundreds of people still sat at our gate just 10 minutes before boarding was meant to close…yep – another flight delay. Stay tuned for my next post to see whether or not we eventually made it to the Philippines!

VX – a super convenient vegan eatery in the city just a few minutes walks from Kings Cross Station. Shame the food let us down so hard though. Poor excuses at both a meatball sub and the pulled-pork sandwich. In deeply surprising contrast, the salted caramel brownie was out of this world. So fudging good I had to go back for another.

In case the title was unclear…

The first 5 sleeps of my trip were on a plane, at Rob’s parent’s house, the first inn, the wedding venue, and finally the hotel in Cebu!

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