Museum of Ice Cream Weekend in San Fran

How’s that for a post title?!

I’m getting all caught up! And while I’m at it I figured I just couldn’t resist sharing our quick trip down to San Francisco to check out the Ice Cream Museum. I firmly believe that an adventure should always be on the horizon. That’s why before I return from a trip it’s my goal to already have the next trip booked.

The key to happiness maybe?

Anyway, while on our EuroTrip whirlwind through September I got a text from my friend asking if I wanted to jet down to San Fran in November for the weekend to tour the museum, and without hesitation it was on the calendar and I’m so glad I went! We had a great time exploring the fisherman’s wharf, mission district, and of course the museum (wish they had vegan ice cream options!). They had just finished celebrating Day of the Dead so there were still remnants of the festival throughout the Mission District. I found it kind of sweet.

Museum of Ice Cream

Speaking of sweet, check out the inside of this museum – like being inside a giant gum-ball – so. much. pink. Not a fan of the color, personally but you got to admire the dedication to these installations! They’re pretty cool. No pun intended.

Whatcha think?

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