VEGAN EUROTRIP – #97 Slovenia

We bussed right out of some glorious sunny Viennese days into straight up Slovenian gloom. For real – we were soaked pretty much our entire visit. I even had to say goodbye to my favorite non-waterproof boots of seven years and purchase some new kicks and dry socks. That said, Ljubljana and the rest of country that I experienced, quickly wove its way into my heart and onto my favorites list. From the pacific northwest, I’m used to rain, but Slovenia – you really brought it. As you can see below we were wet rats. I literally had to pour water from my boot as we attempted to seek shelter from the lightning storm directly overhead.

It was great though – Ljubljana is an incredible city. I love that there are no cars allowed in the city center. Cobblestoned pedestrian streets all the way! Upon arrival on our first day we caught a walking tour and wandered around on our own, ducking into cafes for tea and treats when we needed to warm up. I seriously can’t even put into words how beautiful this city is, even in a serious rainstorm. Honestly the best way for you to understand its charming appeal is to just book a dang ticket and see for yourself. You won’t regret it. I hope these photos hold you over for now and convince you of your need to JUST GO.

The next day was super exciting though. We rented a car and made our way to the amazing town of Bled where the surrounding nature is just stunning. Of course we just had to get that shot of Lake Bled reflecting the Church on the Island, (said church is older than my country).

On the way to our next stop Bohinj, we picked up some hitchhikers (didn’t realize there were two Hs in a row in that word…are there any other words in the English language like that? Woah…) which is never something I thought I would say but for some reason we both looked at each other and there was no question. It was super weird that neither of us hesitated at the idea of allowing strangers in our car, but they thankfully ended up being really kind women and the weather was a mess so we got our good karma points for the day. They came with us all the way to the trailhead of the hike to Savica Waterfall, which we powered through in a complete downpour. I loved the being outside and the nature time and stuff but I’ve got to say…wasn’t super impressed with the waterfall itself. Especially considering the fact that our clothes were completely soaked through as a result.

So what does one do with soaked-through clothing when they’re over an hour away from their cute hostel? Go do another hike in the rain! Of course…we’re brainiacs. I actually remember feeling real salty at the idea of this one and was super eager to opt out but I pulled myself together with that “you only live once” mentality and rallied. Thank the UNIVERSE we went through with it! Vintnar Gorge is just that – GORGE! Ha! See what I did there?! For real though – it’s insanely gorgeous and super unique. Just found out that it closes for part of the year though so do your research. If you find yourself in the area it is a MUST-DO. Basically, you wind your way through this canyon that the Radovna River carved along wooden bridges and paths that hug the rock walls. It’s absolutely magical. I wouldn’t say that it’s completely accessible to all since there are a few sections with rocky trail but for the most part it’s a flat walk along a river rather than a hike.

And we can’t forget about the insane views along the way of our road trip. It’s just breathtaking isn’t it?

While we did manage to feed ourselves at vegan eateries throughout our journey in Slovenia, I wouldn’t say I fell in love with our chosen meals. Especially the beige one…scroll down to Vegan Fresh on the linked page.

Whatcha think?

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