VEGAN EUROTRIP – #96 Slovakia

I am so thrilled that we took the time to day-trip to Bratislava. I am happy to report that it is NOTHING like how it is portrayed in the 2004 classic, “Eurotrip.” Rather, it is quaint, full of life and welcoming locals (we even met a bartender who spent some time in Seattle!) Not huge – easy to get around the old town by foot, stopping for tea and treats along the way.

Yes, we came with the intention to visit another country (and totally in part to see if it really was like the movie) but we also came for the FOOD (we did our research, ya’ll)…you’re probably thinking, ‘what else is new?!’ I didn’t do a whole post on it since we were only there for one meal – but trust me…it was GOOD! If you’re passing through and would like to treat yourself to some delicious vegan vittles, hit up Balans Burger – so tasty.

Whatcha think?

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