VEGAN EUROTRIP – #95 Austria

What a great train ride from Budapest to Vienna. I just love trains. There’s something so romantic about watching the world go by to the clickety clackety soundtrack of the cars sliding over the rails. I particularly love the privilege of peeking into the neighborhoods and farmlands that one wouldn’t otherwise see on a busy highway or from an airplane. This three-point-two-five hour train ride was no exceptions, however getting off the train was a complete change of pace from Budapest. For one, the smell of bratwurst (no joke) was literally surrounding the station. The weather took a turn that first day as well, giving us our first taste of rain, I suppose prepping us for the next stop in which it rained the whole time…thanks Slovenia!

Vienna is a wonderful city with a fascinating history. Our stay here was super smooth. We even managed to head to Bratislava, Slovakia by bus for part of a day! We found plenty to eat, stayed a great hostel (claimed to be Vienna’s best since 1968) just a few minutes from the train station, and took advantage of both walking and cycling tours alike. We saw a cute venue where Mozart once played, a balcony where Hitler once spoke, and a gigantic windstorm at Hundertwasser Village that nearly knocked us off our feet. We sure did manage to find some good food though. I still daydream about some of those meals. I felt that Slovenia (at least the places we ate) didn’t have as much to offer on that front.

Whatcha think?

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