VEGAN EUROTRIP: The Introduction

I’d like to take a moment to prepare you for this hodge-podgey afterthought of a post. My intentions are always good…in my head before and during a trip I always think I’ll get home, settle down with my laptop and a cup of tea and write away – there’s a whole scene I can picture, movie montage-like, of different angles of me facing off with my computer, typed words racing across the screen as my fingers dance across the keyboard, the occasional disgruntled look as I mentally juggle words in my head until I find the right one…it’s a whole thing. I rarely get to do it in good time since the daily grind comes bustling back to life as soon as you land and find time to unpack, but when I do make time to write, I know it brings me joy. I have to keep reminding myself that. Maybe that thought will help improve my future turnaround time!

Blogging about my adventures is literally what got me through 5 of the 7 years I spent living on ships. Writing was is my sanctuary.

Now that you’re prepared for the cluttered mess that this series of posts is sure to be, let me start with a picture. This was our itinerary. We don’t always plan down to the day in advance but when you’re fighting the clock and scrambling to get to that 100th country before your 30th birthday, planning and research are key. I couldn’t have done it without my partner in crime. Rob really took this plan under his wing and flew with it and I will be forever grateful ♡ With his expert forethought and groundwork, we trained, drove, flew, and bussed to my goal and beyond!

When I sat down to type this out I thought I would be combining all the countries into one giant time-consuming article but instead I’m going to bite off just a little bit at a time – kind of like I do in life… So let’s start with the photos (eventually these will link to each post from our stops) <- wishful thinking… Just kidding it WILL happen!

In the meantime, while you’re anxiously waiting on the edge of your seat for me to recount each and every stop along our Eurotrip, you can entertain yourself by having a look at where we found (or maybe didn’t find…) vegan restaurants in each city. Or you can read in disgust the obstacle we faced on the very FIRST leg of our journey.



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