VEGAN EUROTRIP – #93 Czech Republic

So if you would so gracefully please click on over to this post about our first snag along the journey. Have you clicked? Did you read it? No? Go do it then come back. The context is worth the click. Ok, so you read it? Great, moving along. As I was saying, that snag was a headache to say the least. Here are a couple examples of how this hiccup (more like gigantic juicy belch) began to drive us into plunging madness and boredom. As you can see, the first pic was taken before the news of the debacle, when we were fresh faced off a sleepless ten-hour flight from Seattle wandering around London in search of breakfast.


Anyway, now that you know how much work it was to get to Prague, I’ll fill you in on a couple of the details. It was the first time that we had the wonderful privilege to travel with BOTH of Rob’s siblings – one of the MANY reasons we were sooooo distraught with our delayed flight. It cut into our already short visit with them. So with that in mind we hit the ground running the next day, heading out to see the city the best that would could. Luckily Rob knew his way around – that boy has a super incredible GPS inside his dome, thank goodness! I’d still be trying to find my way back if it weren’t for him.

Since our flight came in so late the first day we didn’t get to bed till 3 am yet somehow, with just 5 hours of sleep that first night, we walked about 15 miles in two days throughout the cobblestone streets…Not such easy work on the knees. We actually managed to see quite a bit of Prague, including exploring around Prague Castle, and Strahov Monastery, climbing Petrin Tower, losing our way in the Hall of Mirrors, fighting crowds at the Astronomical Clock and on Charles Bridge (how is it still standing nearly 700 years after construction?!), eating at incredible vegan restaurants, and getting lost in the beautiful streets of old town. We even made it to the Lennon Wall – crowded but incredibly beautiful.

After just two full days in Prague (would recommend a few more days for sure!) we caught a night bus at 11 PM that would took us through Slovakia to arrive in Budapest at 6 AM. If you remember our history with night busses – you know that this one didn’t go well either…

Scroll down to see where we stayed! Click the map for AirBnB listing – we LOVED our place!

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