100s of Hours – How Meditation has Improved my Life

I have been asked recently about what motivates me for my daily meditations.

How do I set aside time each morning to just be in the moment surrounded by silence and armed with nothing but my mantra?

It’s been about 15 months since I began the habit of welcoming these peaceful moments into my life each day. I suppose to some people that sounds like hell – like there’s just too much to do each day to be still. Instead, they could cook, clean, exercise, watch TV, read, or substitute any number of other things into that time frame. To that I would argue, “are you presenting your best self in those moments?”

Trust me – I have PLENTY to do! My 20 minutes each morning sets me up for mental success before the rest of my daily routine grinds into action. It’s pretty much how I reward myself for getting out of bed in the first place! I crave that sweet gift of returning to my warm covers to focus 20 minutes of my day on inner peace, and quiet the noise that encapsulates us all in our constant dose of adult insanity.

I suppose I could recite that cheesy cliché that I didn’t find meditation, it found me… For this article we don’t have to subscribe to that utopian phrase of happenstance but in reality it is the truth of it. More specifically it came to me in a brunch time conversation revolving around Jennifer Lopez. Who knows how our chat got us there…but we did all agree that she looks fab and wondered how she managed. A visiting friend brought up the fact that our beloved JLo practiced Transcendental Meditation and I was like….”what’s that?!” [probably in one of my more sassy tones] The name threw me off though. It sounded super inaccessible and almost cult-like. But it caught my attention. So when I got home later I did my due diligence and researched the practice. It turns out this TM is quite a fad among notable folks throughout the world. Brilliant, creative, talented humans were singing its praises.

This type of meditation is not an app you download and listen to. In fact it’s entirely unguided and requires absolutely nothing but your time and commitment. I love this, but it’s important to note that in order to fully ‘learn’ this specific practice you must pay a fee and attend training courses on it. I would highly suggest if you have the means and desire to do it – splurge and treat yourself. And the best part?! Once learned, it can be done anywhere! I personally have adapted it to fit more smoothly into my lifestyle, against the recommendation of my instructors but it’s my life, and I know that it has without a doubt helped me in so many aspects of my life.

Meditation has:

  • Lessened my grief
  • Awakened my energy
  • Decreased my anxiety
  • Provided temporary escape
  • Renewed my sense of self
  • Strengthened my character
  • Deepened my reflection
  • Increased my gratitude
  • Boosted my confidence
  • Opened my ears and my heart
  • Motivated my creativity
  • Inspired my productivity

Whether you go out and pay for this type of meditative instruction as I did, download and listen to an app each day, or sit outside and watch the butterflies bounce around  the park, it is imperative that we all take internal moments to heal ourselves. Our mental states are fragile and stretched to extreme limits in this world. Just because your brain won’t alert you of its need for recuperation as a physical injury will, does not mean you need to delay the practice of mental self care. Find something that works for you. And do it sooner rather than later.

There is no use putting off the beautiful benefits that will come from a regular, dedicated practice.

Whatcha think?

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