VEGAN EUROTRIP – Where to eat in Vienna

Stop number three on this crazy whirlwind of a trip landed us in Vienna – just a short (ish) train ride from Budapest. Vienna has a variety of Vegan options throughout the city but we didn’t explore too many of them due to our weird time restraints and locations at meal times. We did manage to find a few amazing ones though!


Maran Vegan Bistro

Stumpergasse 57, Vienna, Austria 1060

Stopping at this grocery store was so surreal. All of a sudden we were completely surrounded by ingredients we could eat. It was incredible to look around and be able to say ‘yes’ to EVERYTHING! The staff is so kind and worked very hard to be able to translate and communicate with us. There is a bit of a cafe section of the shop as well with some dining options and a buffet. We bought some food from the store section and enjoyed both a dinner meal and breakfast here. The breakfast was the best!


Harvest Cafe-Bistrot

Karmeliterplatz 1, Vienna, Austria 1020

This was a lovely place to sit outside and enjoy some local Austrian veganized food. The staff was very kind and the inside was quite cozy! We both LOVED our meals here (even though mine came nothing close to Austrian!

We ordered:

  • Geröstete Knödel, Salat – roasted dumplings & tofu crumble, side-salad
  • Schöner Döner – homemade roasted seitan, onions, tomato, tzatziki, turkish bread



Neustiftgasse 23 (at Wien 7), Vienna, Austria, 1070

What an amazing treat after a lovely meal and sunset. And we didn’t even have to look this one up! Just found it on the side of the road on our way to dinner. I had the apple cinnamon sorbet and it was just incredible – tasted like apple pie!



Opernring 6, Vienna, Austria, 1010

This delightful restaurant has a couple locations and we enjoyed it so much for our lunch on our last day that we actually left a different restaurant (sorry!) to return here for dinner. Sadly, my dinner choice did not live up to my lunch meal, but I love the vibe and staff so much that it turned out for the better anyway 🙂

We ordered:

  • Special Club Sandwich – grilled smoked tofu, mango chutney, curry mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, vegan bacon, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers
  • Steak Bowl – sweet potato-mushroom quinoa, seitan steak filet, mixed salad, avocados, balsamic onions
  • Quinotto Chinatown – seasonal organic vegetables, grilled seitan strips, quinoa, chili, soy sauce
  • Delight Wrap – spicy green spelt patty, rocket salad, tomatoes, cucumber, grilled avocado strips, red onions, fresh sprouts, herb sauce
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Green Macha Latte
  • Macha Chocolate Brownie



Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned to see how we ate in Ljubljana!

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