Ok, so I had this outlandish goal awhile ago that I had never really spoken out loud. Maybe it was for fear of committing myself to it. I had often thought, ‘hey- if I do it, then great.’

Since May of 2016 when I traded in my mermaid tail for a pair of legs (if you don’t know what this means, read my story here), I hadn’t really considered that I could ever accomplish this outlandish dream. Until one uncharacteristically sunny day this last spring walking to work through the insane construction of downtown Seattle, pondering my upcoming autumn birthday. It’s a big one. Come September, I can no longer say I’m in my twenties. Yikes.

So on this walk, I got to thinking…why shouldn’t I allow myself to achieve something incredible? Why should I deny myself this amazing opportunity of adventure? I couldn’t think of a single reason. So with that said, I’m happy to announce that Rob and I leave in THREE days to cross this massive, ambitious dream off my list. Throughout September we will be traveling through parts of Europe.

On this trip I will visit my 100th country before my 30th birthday.

You can see how I never managed to say it out loud – it’s a lofty one! But I’m so excited. We will be on the hunt for amazing drone and photography shots, tasty vegan eateries, and cozy spots along the way.

As I mentioned, we’re only 3 days out and I’m still surrounded by ideas, to-do lists, and an unpacked mess. Wish me luck as I pull it together and tie up all the loose ends before we leave on WEDNESDAY!

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Where to, you ask?

🇨🇿Czech Republic