Hi friends!

Sorry I’ve been so silent lately. For those of you who followed along with my posts at the beginning of the year, it’s clear that my family’s world got turned upside down quite a bit last fall. And even that is a total understatement.

Despite that turn of events, I begrudgingly fulfilled my contract that had been arranged nearly a year prior. It was NOT easy. Even things you enjoy doing are near impossible when your head is nowhere near your feet. My mind wandered constantly to my family. Tears fell with no warning: at work, at the gym, in the ports, and everywhere in between. It was clear that the ship was an extremely unhealthy environment for me. On top of the emotional distress, my vegan food desires were rarely satisfied, and the social pressures of “being on” 7 days a week were tough and trying.

I completed that contract on May 4th andFullSizeRender sailed an extra week through Alaska with my parents. I really enjoyed sharing it with them but when that week was through, I felt such a relief! I had been offered a job in social media marketing and coordination about a month before the end of my contract and with that all set in stone, I couldn’t wait to get started. When I started this blog, I had no idea it would help land me a job 5 years later! So many hours have gone into my little corner of the internet. And just because I am taking a needed travel break does not mean I’m ready to give up the blog, but I would say not to expect a ton of timely posts over the summer. I’ll do what I can, but now that my workday is spent on social media, it’s difficult to come home and plop down in front of another computer. Please do check back – I’m even hoping to throw up some fun stuff from past travels.

While I’m home, I plan on taking advantage of this beautiful part of the world. Having traveled all over, it’s more and more apparent that the Pacific Northwest is a true gem and I can’t wait to explore new parts of it. It’s been a month and a half now since I’ve had my feet on solid ground and I already feel more focused, inspired, healthy, happy, and hopeful than I have in years.

Never say never. I may return to ships one day, but for the moment, I’m content right where I am, soaking up as many joyful moments as I can. Follow along on my new Instagram account, @nwbynature.

Even though that contract was difficult, I continued to film our adventure and just recently finished compiling. It’s now up here for your viewing pleasure.

DSC_5843 DSC_5868 DSC_5905 DSC_5916 DSC_6093 DSC_6112 DSC_6216 DSC_6288 DSC_6300 DSC_6310 Sleeping Lady




  1. Funny that I was just thinking of you this week wondering what’s up. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. Losing a close family member is just way too hard. We learned that when my son Ryan died at 25 years old. Grief is a journey that changes as the seasons do. It never goes away but it ages with us and becomes a part of who you are.

    So you are a landlubber at last. Hope you are enjoying the job, you certainly have the talent for it. Here’s hoping the adjustment isn’t too tough and you thrive in your new environment. Keep in touch, I’ll keep reading the blog. It was a pleasure getting to know you on the ship. Hugs

    Joanne Gardner, CTC The Travel Specialist 630-707-7825/800-494-3483 “See the World Before You Leave It”



    • You are wonderful Joanne. A giant light along the road of my ship career! My 18 yr old cousin was who we lost but we’re all so close that it was and is still a huge loss that’s left a massive void. I appreciate your kind words and hope to run into you again soon!


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