For those of you who made it through my entire previous post, I really appreciate it.  Now that I’ve completed that, I hope I can continue to share my adventures in an attempt to ‘get my happy back.’  So here goes:

For some strange reason, sometimes, it’s cheaper to rent a car for an entire week than for just a few days.  So when we returned from Medford in October, we headed up to the North Cascades for a quick and easy day hike on the Blue Lake Trail (1.7 miles roundtrip).  The rain didn’t slow us down, but the drive was WAY longer than we expected!  Not too bad, but some of the signs were missing, so after half an hour on bumpy mountain roads, wondering if we took the wrong fork somewhere along the way, we were very thankful to find the trail head.

If you look up photos of this little beauty in the summer, you probably wouldn’t recognize it the day we visited, shrouded in a delightfully peaceful yet eerie mist, and set to the relaxing soundtrack of gently persistent raindrops noisily drumming down leaves along the muddy trails.  It was a serene, harmonious moment in nature that I am so grateful for.  In LOVE with the Pacific Northwest!



DSC_3747_241 DSC_3749_242 Untitled_Panorama6 DSC_3757_250 DSC_3762_254 DSC_3776_268 DSC_3777_269

Returning to the car where our warm Thai Coconut soup was waiting…SO good!  Thanks Chana!