It’s time.  I’ve been putting off posting long enough.  Mainly because at this point of my contract I would rather sleep than think.  But it’s time.

Since I’ve been back at sea, I’ve revisited many amazing places and even explored some new ones.  I grew tired of despising my images so I spent a huge (and I mean HUGE) chunk of my hard earned cashola on a brand new high-end DSLR so I can feel that special pride that comes only with actually liking the results of shooting all day in port.  I have, however, been keeping a presence on Instagram still: @sheheartsearth.  Just an FYI…

So, Copenhagen is a phenomenal city.  I never really had the time to appreciate it much before, but now this run treats us to overnights almost every time we pull in, so I get lots of time to explore…and eat.  That said, I’d like to share my new amazing restaurant find: 42 Raw.  It’s quaint, it’s organic, it’s meat-, dairy-,  and gluten-free.  It’s delightful.  I go every time…

DSC_0522IMG_2854 DSC_0523

Next up: Nyhavn – still trying to pronounce this one correctly…it’s a work in progress.  As often as I’ve seen this iconic stretch, it still intrigues me.  Always bustling and full of life and color; a great place to people-watch and buy over-priced vittles.  The waterfront harbor was dug by Swedish war prisoners in the 1670s as a way for cargo to be easily transported to the inner city.  Number 9, the oldest house that remains, dates back to 1681Hans Christian Andersen, the author of MANY fairy tales and other stories, lived along this canal for nearly two decades in the 1800s.

DSC_0526 DSC_0530IMG_2788IMG_2789

Those who know me well can attest that I LOVE parks.  Especially the ones that sneak themselves into the center of busy cities.  I could just get lost in one for days, hanging in the grass, reading and watching the birds go by.  While wandering around the city on my own one day, I found this park and fell in love.  Ørstedsparken is just gorgeous.  So much green.  You should take a break out of sightseeing just to roll in the grass for a few.  You won’t regret it.

DSC_1899 DSC_1928 DSC_1931

Below is a statue of one of the brothers the park is named after.  Hans Christian Orsted was a physicist.  Not the same Hans Christian who wrote the fairy tales…  Don’t really want to admit how long I thought this was a statue of The Little Mermaid’s author…  You’d think I would’ve figured that out based on the name.  Oops.

DSC_1937   DSC_2148 DSC_2155Panorama May 19, 2015, 7.46.08 PMPanorama May 19, 2015, 7.55.58 PMPark

And finally a sequence from the gorgeous Rundetårn.  This tower dates back to the 1600s, when it was constructed to serve mainly as an observatory.  It also included a church and library for scholars.  What makes it unique, other than its architectural beauty, is its spiraling ramp.  The walkway circles the building’s hollow core seven and a half times before spitting visitors onto an outer deck offering 360 degree panoramic views of the city and its colorful rooftops.


I just love the flooring and stark white walls!  So clean and crisp, reminds me an IKEA.

DSC_0512Panorama Jun 13, 2015, 4.36.59 PM

And now I will leave you with some classic Copenhagen ambiance shots just to make you fall in love with this city too:

DSC_2194 IMG_2775 IMG_2783 IMG_2784DSC_0532BuildingDSC_2119


Whatcha think?

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