I am now now ready to share the videos I’ve been working on for AGES.

To those of you who don’t know, we work on cruise ships and meet tons of people along the way.  This top video showcases our adventures together for our five month contract in Europe, the Caribbean, and Brazil.  It’s whittled down from over 700 clips we shot on our gopro and DSLRs!  We partied at Carnaval in Rio, dove with sharks in St. Thomas, hung out with sloths in Boca da Valeria, swam with pink dolphins in Manaus, and zip-lined in St. Lucia…among other things. I promised we worked as well…A LOT!

The bottom shows the lovely underwater landscape and residents Rob and I encountered while diving throughout that contract.

If you enjoy these, check out more of what we’ve caught on film from our past travels HERE.