Underground there exists an enchanting place.  One from which I never expected such beauty.  I had never seen anything like it.

In Palma de Mallorca, the Cuevas del Drachs will NOT disappoint.  But you definitely have to see it with your own two eyes to believe just how naturally gorgeous this place is.

After taking your time admiring the caves, everyone gathers in stadium seating to watch a miniature string concert aboard Christmas-light adorned rowboats as they glide over the natural lake. It’s mesmerizing! The acoustics make for an unreal listening experience. No photography or videoing, which is fine because it’s that much better in real life anyway.

A note to future visitors:

There are stairs that lead down into and up out of the caves.  There are dim lights that guide you along the path, as well as staff members stationed at spots along the way that may present a problem.  You can take photos WITHOUT flash only, so stand REALLY still!

DSC_7062 DSC_7077 DSC_7080 DSC_7088 DSC_7109 DSC_7118 DSC_7181 DSC_7182

After the caves I had a bit of a walk through the old town, stopping for a deliciously over-indulgent pizza.  Oh man, it was so good it left me with guilt for hours!  As you can see, this place is beautiful!  I would definitely love more time to explore and take it all in.

DSC_7184 DSC_7189 DSC_7190

Partially through my wander, I bumped into this film set, which I creepily watched for awhile, eager to catch a glimpse of the action.  If anyone can tell what they were shooting, please let me know!  The best identifying feature I can share is that the guy on the left in the red plaid shirt kept walking in front of the camera as an extra I presume.

DSC_7193 DSC_7195 Panorama Dec 2, 2014, 2.08.32 PM

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