This was going to be a looong day. We set out for Philadelphia (a place I ALWAYS wanted to visit ever since my dad went when I was little and the closest I could call it was Pihdelpia) early in the morning so we could get some sights seen before meeting up for lunch with Rob’s old expat neighbors from England. And then we were driving to Atlantic City, New Jersey…

Of course we started by seeing the Liberty Bell – go early! We saw the line that afternoon and it was not pretty. It’s unique to finally see something in person that has such a story. It’s so beautiful! Unfortunately for Rob, he couldn’t get close enough to lick it.*

DSC_6755 DSC_6756

Sadly, we didn’t arrive in time for a visit inside Independence Hall. You have to book a tour time at the visitor center (conveniently above the parking garage and next door to where the Bell is displayed), and the earliest time slot available conflicted with our lunch date. Oh well, something for next time.

DSC_6761 DSC_6763

This allowed us more time to mosey and find the final resting place of Sir Benjamin Franklin (that would totally be his title if he were around now). I have to say, if it weren’t for the pennies dotting is tombstone, the plaques outside the cemetery gates, or of course his name inscribed in the stone, you would never know that there lies the man on the one hundred dollar bill, the man responsible for amazing feats, inventions, and philanthropy. His plot has no vanities or adornments, just a flat humble stone, which surprised me given what an important figure he is in American history. The fact that he lived to be 84 in the 1700s is an unbelievable accomplishment in and of itself!


We had incredible weather to accompany us on our day in Philly. The sun shone brightly through the multicolored leaves in the parks we passed through. We made our way over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Philadelphia’s homage to those who died in The Revolutionary War. Being from the west coast, I forget how much important history took place throughout the major cities of the east coast. Beneath the square where the memorial is located, are the remains of thousands of nameless soldiers. It’s strange to see the park nowadays being used for recreational purposes – reading, dog walking, jogging – but I suppose that’s a good thing. It’s a beautifully done monument, complete with a burning flame. I would suggest everyone visit it if in the area.

DSC_6778 DSC_6781 DSC_6787 DSC_6784 DSC_6783 DSC_6786

From there we set out to meet the neighbors at the bottom of ‘the Rocky steps,’ also known as ___. We arrived early enough for the boy to sprint up them, just like EVERYONE else visiting that day. Was pretty funny to watch them all! We ate at a terrible restaurant that I would never recommend, but the company was lovely. After that we were on our way, bound for Atlantic City.


*HIMYM reference



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