The first day of our Northeast Whirlwind adventure landed us in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. It must be the quaintest little state capital in the country! It’s a cute, artsy, bayside community with lovely local shops and restaurants. We didn’t get up to much as we were still adjusting from the travel, and to be fair, there wasn’t a whole lot going on that particular Tuesday.

We did have a little walk in the harbor area and I randomly bumped into the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial. Alex Haley wrote Roots, one of my favorite books, and the first reading requirement of my Sociology course that took me to Ghana when I was 19. In a way, that book was the beginning of my travels. Because I was so surprised to see it, and because I’m a goofball, I didn’t manage to take a photo of the Memorial itself, but you can see it here.

Somehow we found our way onto the campus of the US Naval Academy and aimlessly wandered for a bit. We decidedly made a stop to check out the chapel, since the dome is visible from outside the academy walls and we wanted to know what it housed. Turned out to be a lovely church with services for several religions at varied times. The numerous stained glass windows depict striking images with a distinctly seagoing theme (in the second photo you can see sailboats on either side of the angel). What I loved most about our visit to the chapel was the unexpected theme of ‘Wicked’ rising from the organ pipes! Never expected a live performance of that in a church!


We did a loop around State Circle and saw on a little plaque at the entrance to a small house that stated ‘Katherine Hepburn Slept Here.’   It also proudly declared that she ‘always wore trousers.’

The gorgeous rainbow of the changing leaves brightened our walk as we continued around to see the Maryland State House (built from 1772-1779), which was actually the United States Capitol until 1784. Turns out it’s the oldest in the nation and still in use!


I really enjoyed our little visit to Annapolis. I honestly expected it to be much more city-like but I’m so glad that it wasn’t!


LESSON OF THE DAY: Make sure to accurately read the directional signs in parking garages or you might end up traveling in circles on the same floor for several minutes. You know who you are! 🙂

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