This time in Muscat, we woke up early the second morning to go diving with Euro Divers.  As kind and accommodating as they were during our time with them that day, I’m sad to say that some miscommunication during the planning process left me a bit less than satisfied.  Because of this, we were the last crew members back to the ship, more than two hours after our intended return time.  This left me sadly falafel-less.


The surface scenery was gorgeous.  More of those brown jagged peeks and hillsides, with small towns nestled comfortably in between.  As you can see, unfortunately the underwater visibility that day was not ideal.  We did, however see an incredibly rare (as we were told) Zebra Moray, and two large Honeycomb Morays.  For the close-up shot of him at the bottom, our brave guide took my camera and got waaaay up close and personal with it.  He said they have extremely poor eyesight so it’s not too dangerous.  My favorite sighting of the day was that huge Puffer Fish.  The whole time he looked so happy!

DSC_8182VIEW DIVE BOATVIEW FROM DIVE BOAT 2NORTHBAY MUSCAT DIVE SITEP1020863 P1020854 P1020846 P1020834 P1020831 P1020830 P1020826P1020892P1020882