KRABIOur first night in Krabi did not amount to much.  After a delicious “American” meal we wandered around the night market and enjoyed some yummy ice cream.  Unfortunately, our budget had been quite stretched out after the unforeseen expenses involving the motorbike repairs and flat tire transportation in Koh Lanta.  That and the Scuba trip cost us a lot.  So we did our best to cut back the spending for our last stop in Thailand.  It wasn’t easy, especially since there are so many nice bars and restaurants so close to our place.

The following morning we decided to test our fate with another motorbike (~$6/day).  I had found an article about the Emerald Pools, 50km away, and was bound determined to find them.  The problem with driving ourselves to this site is that, as we discovered along the way, they use about three different names on the street signs.  While there are many signs indicating the location, they are listed under the aliases of Sa Morakot, the Crystal Pool, and the Emerald Pool.  As you can imagine, this was extremely confusing and we had to turn around a few times to finally find it.


P1020598 P1020603

Once we reached them, over an hour later, it was great.  The water is a clear turquoise, so clean you can see your feet at the bottom.  And the temperature – SO REFRESHING!  We swam a bit, enjoying the atmosphere despite being a busy day at the pools, then walked the next kilometer to check out the Blue Pond which is amazing!  It’s probably the most beautiful color of blue I’ve seen in the natural world, complete with bubbles rising from the underground hot spring.  Resisting the temptation to jump in was the biggest challenge that week.  Apparently the mud at the bottom of the deep pool can suck you down…


From there we got back on the bike and stopped at the “Hot Stream,” a beautiful hot spring waterfall.  The water flows into its many deep pools that act as hot tubs for its visitors to relax in before cascading down to a cool river.  If I still had my swimsuit on, and no burn on my leg, I definitely would have spent the afternoon melting in there.  I highly recommend visiting it, even more so than the Emerald pool.  The only downfall was that it had gotten a bit crowded with visitors but you can’t blame them, it was fantastic!  Arriving back to the hotel that evening, I had all kinds of grit stuck to my face and arms from the ride, including small bugs!  Yuck.


We had a very slow start to the following morning, taking our time to sleep in and slowly greet whatever the day was to bring.  We decided to rent our bike again in the afternoon so we could use it the next morning as well (24 hour rental).  We motored out to Ao Nang to walk the beach and briefly check out the shopping scene.  It has turned very touristy over the past couple of decades, apparent by the many souvenir stalls.  I am thankful we visited well before the height of the tourism season.


Our final morning in Krabi, we rushed out to the Tiger Cave, before we had to return our bike.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that we did not climb to the temple at the top, but we were a bit pressed for time and the day was already really warm.  1,272 steps did not sound super appealing at the time.  I do regret it a bit now.  Anyone visiting Krabi should go.  The photos I’ve found online of the view are STUNNING.  Oh well, you live, you learn…


We spent the rest of our final day walking along the riverfront and packing up for our next morning’s flight to Kuala Lumpur, our final stop of this Southeast Asian adventure.



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