After our wanderings through London Townwe jumped on a rickety train ride headed north to my second home of Burscough for my American and British families to finally meet.  Our first day we took a road trip ALL the way to Wales (about a 90 minute commute) to visit Conwy and explore the castle (check out this beautiful aerial shot).

Conwy Castle has quite a funny story, I think.  I’m sure it wasn’t funny to the Welsh locals in the late 1200s when England’s Edward the First moved in and built over a dozen walled fortresses to keep them out.  I thought the first time I visited that it originally belonged to Welsh royalty – an unsafe assumption as it turns out.

These days, the UNESCO World Heritage Site still boasts the majority of the original stone walls that encircle the city of Conwy.  Many areas have been enhanced to guarantee increased safety, but you can literally walk the walls surrounding the town, but watch your step!  Some of the stonework is a bit shifty.

Visiting the castle itself costs a small fee, but is totally worth it to see the remaining structure of a medieval reign.  It’s the perfect place for North Americans to visit because nothing that old still exists in our part of the world.  Visiting Conwy Castle is a truly unique experience that I highly recommend.  Plus, it’s a totally photogenic town.

PS. There’s no curse at the castle!  At least not one that I’m aware of…


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