I definitely never would have though I would ever reach the island of Vanuatu.  All I could relate it to from my childhood is a season of “Survivor.”  Unfortunately, I was only able to take advantage of 1/3 of the Vanuatan ports we visited, and sadly I realized far too late that we don’t return to one of the islands I missed…  I’ll be wiping my tears for awhile with that one.

I got to enjoy Mystery Island and that was totally worth it.  Straight out of a travel destination magazine, the pristine turquoise waters gently lapped against the shallow beaches while beachgoers alternated between catching rays and cooling off.  Swells broke in the distance, providing us the tranquil lull of crashing waves.  As for myself, I’m not much of a sunbather, but I brought my Frisbee to keep me occupied.  Surrounded by sunshine, sand, surf, and friends, the day could not have been better!

The following day, we visited yet another tropical island, this one from the New Caledonian chain of islands.  Kuto, Ile des Pins is an extremely unique place.  Coupled with palm and pine trees, it’s a mystery how the climate has allowed for both to flourish.  The island is gorgeous.  A bunch of us hiked around to find the perfect place (this actually took some time, as we were turned away from the hotel cove we sought to hide out at).  Once settled, we played among the waters, tossed the Frisbee, and soaked up plenty of sun.  I look forward to returning for sure!