Crew tours are the best way to break up the routine!  We get to be off the ship with friends and seek out adventure sans guests.  This time was no exception – class III rapids along the Petrohué River?  YES please!!!  Around 20 of us jumped on the bus to drive an hour to the changing rooms where we all squeezed and squelched our ways into our damp wet suits and booties.  I’m sure we would have all been entertained by each other if we weren’t all caught up in getting our own self inside the least flattering ensembles ever made.

Another short ride and we were at the start of the route.  I absolutely LOVE rafting – a love that took time to grow (my parents can attest to this…).  Our rapids flowed at the base of the Volcán Osorno, beautiful hues of turquoise and as clear as can be.  As cold as the water temperature was, we heated ourselves each time we battled out the white water.  I would have preferred a bit more but it’s been so long since I’ve done it that I’m just thankful to have spent time on a river again.



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