We have been to this Uruguayan port twice since I last wrote.  Our route includes a turnaround just north of this city so we visit it twice in three days.  My previous encounters of Montevideo were not particularly noteworthy, however this time, Rob and I and a couple friends meandered way into the city portion, rather than just near the port, which I had been familiar with from a couple years ago.  The goals pretty much remain the same though – get some food, get some wifi, get some exercise.

I do have to say that after exploring beyond my realm of familiarity, I prefer this city much more than I previously believed I had.  To me, Montevideo had always had craft vendors and the famous meat market stalls (ugh).  It still has those but now I feel it has so much more to offer with its city parks, office buildings, and shopping centers.

There is still quite a lot of dog poo on the pedestrian streets as I remember.  That’s the major change I would make to my new impression of this port.