It’s unclear to me why our company chooses for us to stop in Coquimbo, Chile.  It’s beautiful in its own seaport kind of way, but there must be some killer revenue opportunity with shore excursions, meaning the main attractions must be a fair jaunt away from the port.  Without any prior knowledge of what awaited us in this little town, Rob and I set out in search of internet initially, but when that didn’t yield successful results for both parties, we just wandered.

The town lacks tourist attractions.  There are no obvious significant historical or political points of interest to the unknowing traveler.  And none of the locals speak English.  I think in part that is what made our day special.  We weren’t bogged down with an agenda to visit numerous attractions, nor were we catered to as tourists.  We made our own way, working with what we knew of Spanish and we were successful, aside from the small unintentional shortcut through a nearly deserted fish market.  That’s not to say it was lacking the usual fishy ambience.  If I had held my breath through the entire maze of smells donated by our fish friends and paired with the nearby pelican dumping grounds, I would not have made it out.  Other than that our day was very rewarding.  We not only found our way to the grocery store, we left with a backpack full of very affordable Chilean wine.  Success!

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