It’s been two weeks since I boarded this latest ship, sailing as a lady of leisure with no responsibility or schedule to my name. It’s nice apart from the lack of paycheck. I embarked in Boston to sail north up the coast to hit the ports of Bar Harbor, Maine; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Sydney, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Quebec City, Quebec; and Montreal, Quebec. This takes one week. The next week we reversed it to return to Boston. I have been to all of these ports before and can say that while they are not the most exciting places to visit, I generally enjoy them.

During port days we didn’t meander too much however I had numerous amazing photographic opportunities to catch the autumn hues unique to this area. The leaves change color much more dramatically than at home in the Evergreen State.  I’ll let the photos explain…


We rushed off very quickly on this day to take the train to Harvard and Fenway Park, fitting in a quick trip to REI to make an exchange.  Harvard is a gorgeous campus in a beautiful city.  I really like what I have seen of Boston and truly look forward to seeing it on my own time someday.




This is one of my favorite towns, so quaint and yet so touristy.  On the edge of a National Park and home to many local businesses.  I always look forward to our stops there.  As you can see, many photo opportunities showcasing the changing seasons awaited me there.



The city closest to Titanic’s final resting point has a beautiful boardwalk and small town feel.  I never seem to give Halifax enough credit but it is a very nice place that I wish I had taken better advantage of.



This is the least exciting of the ports on this itinerary.  It’s got the world’s largest fiddle and I found a very delicious sandwich there.  It’s a great day to walk around for fresh air.



One of my favorite cities – so beautiful with such nice people.  It was freezing while we were there, which gave us the perfect excuse to spend some time at a tea shop after our delicious meal at a local vegetarian restaurant.



A beautiful and large capital city that hosted the Olympics in the 1980s.  Rob and I found the local metro and took it out to Mount Royal to hike up to the viewpoint – proof that Montreal is a stunning city from all angles.


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