I’d like to pause before I begin simply to state that so many words and places start with the letter B!  That is all.  Continuing on:

I haven’t updated this space in a while (aside from adding some new portraits to the gallery), and it’s been killing me.  It’s not so much that nothing has happened, in truth I’ve actually been quite busy but I’m not sure most people want to read of my family activities.  For me, it’s been great though!  I’ll sum it up briefly – my life’s small chapter before hitting my SEVENTH continent!

Rob joined me in the Pacific Northwest for my first week home from a long contract and time at his home of Burscough.  It was all very exciting seeing everyone for the first time since February.  One of my best friends picked us up at the airport (although at different times as my flight arrived four hours later).  As we accessed the rooftop of her new apartment, overlooking downtown Seattle, about a dozen friends and family members ran up behind us and surprised me with a huge embrace.  That moment was truly beautiful, as it reminded me of the love that supports me throughout my comings and goings.  My little brother even flew up from his new home in southern Oregon.  I am so thankful for my amazing surprise.  I couldn’t have asked for more…except maybe not having jetlag settle in around nine…

Other than that, my main objective the first couple of weeks included seeing friends and family, including my new baby cousin; an eightieth birthday party, a sixtieth birthday party, countless first and second cousins, a roadtrip to Medford, and lots of sunshine embodied the first half of my stay.

Halfway through, some great college friends and I attended Fremont’s Oktoberfest in September, eagerly drinking our way through some of the most fascinating beers I’ve ever heard of.  Wouldn’t personally recommend Samuel Adams’ Double Bok, but to each their own.  That one in particular took a lot of work to get down because, let’s face it, no one dumps a 9.5% beer and if they do, they are highly uneconomical drinkers.

The following night I spent at the Sounders game, cheering on the green and blue with some besties.  I enjoy watching soccer, but these football club fans are CRAZY!  I would have to explain my first experience as a little cult-like – certain chants and claps that seemed to happen at certain times that everyone knew about besides me.  I have to say as well, that I am a little ashamed of some of the Seattle fans that were so rude to the other team!  Come on Seattlites!  We have a polite reputation to uphold to the rest of the country…and to Canada!  We ended that night on a street corner of Capitol Hill stuffing our tipsy faces with tofudogs after running from a couple of stage five clingers who suddenly lost interest in me after finding out I was spoken for.  That didn’t stop them from following us around the hill all night though…

Rob came back to town the next day for a Microsoft conference so I spent the following week to and from Bremerton, Seattle, and Redmond, taking family portraits along the way, and running into friends from past ships also in attendance.  Rob left last Friday on my 25th birthday.  I woke up to a dozen roses on the pillow next to me and after his last morning at the conference, we had a Thai birthday lunch and a cupcake.  We didn’t even take a photo commemorating my first quarter of a century.  What a silly idea, both of us being into photography and all…

After he left, I spent that weekend cuddling a silver lab puppy, roadtripping to and from Bellingham with friends, drinking massive margaritas, catching up with college roommates, getting silly, and buying shoes.  For as relaxed as it all was, I had a great birthday weekend.  Bellingham always makes my heart happy!

Since then I have been trying to spend as much time as possible with best friends and family before I head to Boston tomorrow to join Rob as “Girlfriend on Board” his ship, cruising down the east coast to and around South America, all the way to Antarctica where I can claim my seventh and final continent!  Then on to Australia in January (a whole other future chapter of the story).

I am so looking forward to keeping you all up to date with my journey, as I won’t have any official duties!  Just time for photography, writing, exploring, yoga-ing, Spanish learning, and whatever else I choose to enrich my time with.  Thanks to all who spent time with me and to all who continue to support me through following my updates.  May the sun continue to shock and shine upon the Northwest for many unusually warm weeks to come!


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