I am so fortunate to be able to stay in England with my boyfriend’s family in between my travels.  I am even more fortunate that they have an amazing dog for me to play with and make fun of.  Dexter is a Staffordshire Bull Terrierwhich is kind of like England’s version of a Pit Bull – stocky, muscular, and intimidating.  They are often known to be a risky breed, given their tank-like physique, but Dexter is more docile than a newborn.  He is the silliest, most humanlike dog I have ever met, with a sweet personality that nearly measures up to that of my late chocolate lab, which is definitely saying something!  We had a bit of playtime earlier tonight for a photo shoot and to get the poor guy some exercise in the hopes that he’ll shed a few pounds!  Here’s a few of our best shots:

Dexter was adopted from Animals In Need Liverpoolwhere there are currently lots of pets who are in need of loving owners.  If you live in the area, please check out their website.

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