The following post explains our experience in Scotland’s ghostly underground. 

Our tour of the South Bridge Vaults proved to be insightful, educational, historical, and spooky.  Our guide from Mercat Tours surely graduated from a theater program, made clear by her dramatic retellings of the colorful tales that paint the bricked walls of the Edinburgh’s South Bridge VaultsThe vaults were originally created as underground storage for the local businesses above, however when opened hastily in 1788, the ceilings were not properly sealed, resulting in leaks and floods.  After the businesses abandoned their storerooms, so began the illegitimate dealings of the illegal sort: prostitution, gambling, and drinking became the norm.  It is even rumored that the infamous serial killers, Burke and Hare sought after victims in the vaults and perhaps even stored the bodies there before selling them for dissection to the University of Edinburgh’s medical school.  Eventually in the mid-1800s, the city dumped loads of rubble into the vaults turned slums to render them inhospitable.  They sat for a century untouched until rediscovered and unburied in the 1990s.

It is said that the vaults faced a cursed beginning, as the first person who was promised to cross the bridge above, died one week prior to its opening.  That didn’t stop them from pushing her dead body across it anyway.  Responding to many reports, top paranormal investigation teams have spent time in these vaults, discovering evidence of its ghostly tenants.  Our guide went into detail about the paranormal activity that has been witnessed in the vaults of the ‘Most Haunted City in Europe.’  During one of these stories, I felt a twitch in the back of my left arm, followed by a tingling sensation that traveled down my arm to my hand where it lingered until I left the vaults.  After the sensation began, our guide went into explaining the presence of a spirit named Jack.  This five-year old is known to hold the hands of visitors, especially those with a close connection to children.  Since my job is completely focused on kids and their families, this definitely caught my attention.  Maybe it was more than just a muscle twitch.  Come to think of it, it felt more like a light pinch.

Not all of the entities are well mannered.  There is a spirit deemed Mr. Boots who is known for his negative interactions with the vault’s visitors, be them guides or tourists.  Thankfully he did not cause too much of a ruckus during our visit, although a kid on our tour spotted him pacing in the doorway behind us.  He did this because it is said that the room we stood in contained such a positive, happy spirit that it wards off the darkness of Mr. Boots.  When we spent a bit of time in the room he generally occupies, Rob said he could feel an irregular presence about the space.  I cannot deny that the room was eerie, our guide would not even step foot in it.  We didn’t have too much time to wander through the gallery of evidence after our tour, but I definitely would recommend the experience to future travelers of the city, but only those brave enough!

Check out the experience had by TV’s Ghost Adventurers!




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