For my final cruise on the Eurodam my momma came, accompanied by her friend Karen; and my great uncle Richard with his friend, Don.  I really enjoyed having guests, however it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to have them on my last cruise.  Getting all of my work completed and saying goodbye to all my friends whilst still spending time with my guests proved difficult as it stretched me thin.  It’s a good thing that there were four of them to entertain themselves and each other.

It’s all a blur now, but we did have some great highlights with momma: exploring Tallinn in the rain, riding bikes around Helsinki on a SUNNY day, and hopping on and off boats through Stockholm.  We spent a lovely day in Copenhagen as well, enjoying a very sunny canal tour and sipping shots at the ice bar.  A filling dinner at the Hard Rock Café provided us our final meal together as a group and after that we split and went our separate ways; goodbye for who knows how long.

Five months is a very long contract for my position, spending some days in the uniform for 11 hours, but throughout those months Rob and I were thankfully able to grow close to many other crewmembers, making our last cruise extremely bittersweet – so happy for a break, yet so upsetting to say so long.  Thanks to EVERYONE who made our contract a memorable one!

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