The night before arriving in Kiel, I caught one of the Shore Excursions staff in the hallway and luckily found my way to an open spot for escorting a tour group to Hamburg.  So the next morning Rob and I woke early and each made our way to our separate buses (he had his own tour to see to).

While they were virtually the same excursion, I know for a fact that our experiences did not match.  After over an hour ride to get to Hamburg, our guide joined us.  Mine was crazy, so crazy in fact that he did not sing just one song or two songs for us.  Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that he recited the entirety of three songs, his voice quivering at his meager attempts to achieve the correct pitch and tone.  Poor guy.  I felt embarrassment he denied himself.

Most of our day we spent aboard the bus, listening to stories about the city’s history and culture.  I would love to share what I learned, but our guide’s accent was just too thick to understand.  I think I got about a third of what he was saying.  I do know that there is a large Red Light District and I know this because he mentioned it multiple times with growing excitement.  One fact I happened to glean from his constant ramblings is that there are more bridges in the city of Hamburg than there are in the illustrious canaled and bridged city of Amsterdam.  That did surprise me.

Other than that we were allowed 45 minutes to roam the market in front of the parliament building.  Rob and I found each other here for a quick wander before splitting back into our groups to head back to port.  For my final Hamburg experience, I made the best decision ever to indulge in an amazing German, salted, mustard-slathered, freshly baked pretzel.  It was DELICIOUS!  One thing I would highly suggest to anyone thinking about booking a trip to Germany: EAT THE PRETZELS (but make sure they’re fresh and you’re willing to accept the calorie and carbo spike)!

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