The city of Stockholm is pretty much one of my favorite places in the world… or at least in Europe.  Although expensive, it boasts a beautifully clean environment for visitors and locals alike to spend time outside, whether out on a wander, picnicking in a park, or bike commuting to and from work.  Amidst a complex system of islands and waterways, the archipelago offers stunning views of thousands of islands that dot the waters off the coast of Sweden’s capital.  I have been to Stockholm at least 6 times and I have never been bored with the city.  Any day in Stockholm is a good day!  The city center offers numerous shopping and dining opportunities, and the old town provides a glimpse into its history through the cobblestoned paths.

Returning to this city has been a highlight of the itinerary for me.  Immediately memories poured from the squares, bridges, and sidewalks where I spent so much time visiting two years ago. I am enamored with this place.

Over the visits, I’ve gone swimming in the archipelago, biking through the city, drinking in an ice bar, and browsing through shops and museums.  I don’t have enough great things to say about the place.

Whatcha think?

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