It took a lot of convincing to get me off the ship in Helsinki.  Not to sound spoiled, but I’ve been there many times before and on top of that it was rainy and cold and this cruise I have been very overworked, as I received an unexpected promotion.  Not sure if that is what it is called if it’s given to you without having had prior interest in the position, but anyway…

We rented bikes to roll into town in the fresh air with the mindset to just get out for a bit, show Richard around, grab some tea, and search for the Rock Church.  I love the ports that we visit on the Baltic itinerary so much, and I am reminded of that every time I go out, even if it takes some arm-twisting.  After riding a bit we found the Temppeliaukio Church, which opened in 1969 as a Lutheran church literally carved into stone.  The beauty of the simple architecture is breathtaking, as is the natural light that streams in from the skylights, even on our rainy day.  Aside from stopping at a café for tea, purchasing fine chocolate at a sweet shop, and finding the esteemed yet hidden church, we circumnavigated the downtown area all while soaking up the rain.

Temppeliaukio Kirkko Temppeliaukio Kirkko

Temppeliaukio Kirkko

Temppeliaukio Kirkko