The legend of Loch Ness is a foreign one to me.  I’ve heard of the monster and I’ve known it to be centered around Scottish lore, however I had no idea that there is an actual body of water by that name.  A body of water so big, in fact that if the contents were dispersed over the whole of Britain, it would be 2 inches deep.  That’s a lot of water!  Having docked in Invergordon, Scotland summers before but having to work onboard, I never thought I would get a second chance to discover the mystery of old Nessie, yet here we are, two years later back in the Baltic!

Unfortunately our ship did not dock as close to Loch Ness as we thought it did so the timing was a bit longer and the price a bit pricier than we expected but nonetheless we had determination on our side.  A two-hour round-trip taxi got us there and back with enough time to wander a short while, take some photos, and explore the remains of Urquhart Castle that once stood strong and proud on the shore of Loch Ness.  Sadly, ole Nessie failed to make an appearance, however I don’t blame her since it was a pretty cold day and there were lots of tourists.  I probably would have hidden from all the commotion as well.  Despite not seeing the famed creature, the entire drive was way worth the trip.  Bright green rolling hills met us on either side of the long, winding, country roads and even though the weather remained fairly dreary, it made the experience that much more mystical.


  1. Thanks for following our blog! We will let you know if we see Nessie on our backpacking trek along the West Highland and Great Glen ways next month.


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