What a beautifully unique day we enjoyed in Tallinn!  A very large group of us met up for some highly anticipated, yet somewhat disappointing Indian food in the main square.  It just so happens that the square had the additional plans of hosting the opening day of the Old Town Days Festival.  It was all very exciting, yet way more crowded that we expected.  We definitely enjoyed a strange cultural festivity.  Hundreds of people gathered round to watch children and adolescents jive and act a choreographed performance set to the beat of intense rock music.  We had no idea what it was all about, no doubt there were Estonian historical references involved, yet from the outside, it was spastic dancing and strange costumes, not to mention a dragon constructed from inflated garbage bags.  Apparently the event was a big deal and widely publicized…why else would I make it on to the background of the local news?!

It didn’t take much for me to remember why I love Tallinn.  I hadn’t visited in two years so the reminder was refreshing.  A warm, sunny day is all that is needed to liven up the colorful tall buildings and cobbled streets.  Regardless of the festival’s crowds, the charm of the quaint old town remains, just as it has for hundreds of years.


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