Gibraltar represents a gateway from Europe to Africa and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.  The straight is only seventeen miles at its narrowest point.  It’s unbelievable to have breakfast facing the British territory (which is sort of in Spain) and turn around to see Morocco, however it’s unfortunate that we were unable to dock, thus requiring us to utilize our tender procedures.  While the process can go very smoothly when begun at the crack of dawn, that does not run true when we arrive at 10 in the morning and everyone is raring to go.

Luckily, crew were surprisingly allowed about 2 hours of shore leave, so a few of us rushed off in a hurry to take a cable car up to visit the famous monkeys.  Time was definitely not on our side though so we had to abandon the idea and settle on a British pub and its chips, which were not even close to satisfying my apparently high expectations.  The rock, which proved visible from nearly all angles we ventured, did not disappoint.  Overall, Gibraltar had the potential to be epic, but it wasn’t meant to be this time around.  I wouldn’t write it off – it definitely deserves another chance.

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