Malaga, Spain, our next port turned out to be an even more perfect city for biking.  Rob, DJ Jason, and I went out again and pedaled down the lengthy boardwalk made up of miles of wide tiled path, providing a super smooth ride along the beachy waterfront.  A totally refreshing ride, we went the entire length of the path and back before tying the bikes up to walk around.

In search of food, we stumbled upon the city’s elaborate parliament building, accompanied by sweetly fragranced gardens and fountains.  Paths were lined with beautiful orange trees and brightly colored flowers.  We finally discovered a quaint Indian restaurant, in spite of searching tirelessly for a nice Spanish tapas.  An American ordering Indian food in Spanish is not the easiest task but we managed and had a delicious meal.

Our last adventure of the day led us back to the bikes and onto some large paths we found that led to the city center.  We didn’t stay there long but instead turned around, browsed the market stalls, and rode back to the ship, checking out the strange infestation of ladybugs on the bulkhead along the way.  Another beautifully sunny day spent riding around a beautifully coastal city.

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