We had a wonderful time visiting my Washington home this past week, however it just wasn’t long enough.  We did manage to cram a lot of visits and errands into a very short time of only four days though.  Among those, I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend and shot her and her fiancé’s engagement photos with Rob; had two great big family meals (in the same day); held my new 3-month-old baby cousin, Olive; rode my cousin’s new horse named Goose; saw the new Leach family home nearly completed; retrieved oodles of probably unnecessary things from our storage unit; spent some quality time with my grandparents and brother; and of course hit a delicious downtown Seattle happy hour with great company before heading off to catch our red eye to Miami.  It was in fact a blur but I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to squeeze my people before setting sail for five months.

Upon arriving in Miami, we rented a car and Rob fearlessly drove us all the way to my uncle’s condo in Fort Lauderdale.  We had a great day of running errands and driving around with the help of my countless google maps print-offs, followed by a lovely dinner at the Outback.  We learned a new lesson yesterday after wandering through Fort Lauderdale – don’t turn in your rental car early, they’ll charge you.  The most ridiculous charge I’ve ever heard of!  Luckily I managed to argue that away.

Now, with 17 hours left before our embarkation onto our next ship, we’re slowly packing and enjoying our last day without clocks, uniforms, and duties.