Yet another vacation has reached its end.  Tomorrow Rob and I head out of England and to onward to Seattle for a few days to visit my family before flying back to Fort Lauderdale.  I have to admit I am so sick of that place!  But I do look forward to visiting my uncle whenever we pass through.

This vacation has been one mainly of relaxation (some may say laziness…) but I have been fairly productive.  As I wrote before, we all went up to the Lake District last month for my first time, where I fell in love with the character and quaintness of the area.  Then I flew to visit my parents in Abu Dhabi as I wrote in my last post, where my college roommate and good friend, Christina, met me.

She came back to England with me, as Rob and I whirled her through the sites of which I’m sure were a blur.  We hit Buckingham Palace, Platform 9 ¾ , Tower of London, Big Ben (luckily he didn’t hit back), Westminster Abbey, Greenwich Mean Time, Piccadilly Circus, Camden Town, The British Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, and Leicester Square which accumulated in 20 miles of walking in the rain over 2 days.  We had no idea that such minor historical relics such as the Rosetta Stone and Cleopatra were housed at the museum.  We were so surprised to run into them!

We gave ourselves a day in Southport to shop and relax, then hit Liverpool the following day for a cold and wet “Yellow DuckMarine” tour around the city and the docks in one of those old Wartime vehicles.  We shared a pint at The Cavern Club and then called it a day to return to the warm house to thaw our frozen body parts.  The next day, she took to the skies and we took to the couch.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been fairly productive.  To supplement my laziness, I have been creating and crocheting: my Nieuw A. video, a photo gallery, scarves, and my personal favorite: flower bud vases out of old light bulbs.  I’ve been snooping around Pinterest a lot for new craft ideas that I will eventually get to…once I have a land address, wherever that is.

Rob and I did manage to do a short day trip to Wales – we’re so close, why not?!  I enjoyed it very much even though there are many obvious similarities to England.  We checked out Conwy Castle a bit and walked around the quay (waterfront area) where we stumbled upon the Smallest House in Great Britain.  Before heading back to England, we had some of the best chips (french fries) I’ve experienced – soaked in salt in vinegar and boiling hot!  So yummy!

As for this next contract on the Eurodam, Rob and I will be there from February 18th until July 24th.  We met on the same ship two years ago in June.  It’s a great ship and I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine, having a place to call our own (even though it’s a small cabin with hundreds of neighbors), and making some money.  It is a very long contract for me but luckily we have three itineraries and a crossing: the Caribbean, the Med, and then the Baltic.  We have been to the majority of the ports before so we can easily (hopefully) save money and enjoy the cities more below the surface since we’ve already scratched the top of most of them.

Please stay in touch and keep checking back for updates.  It may be slow in the beginning since we have 8 weeks of the exact same itinerary every 7 days, but the excitement will pick up when we hit European soil.  Until then our goal is to get SCUBA certified in Grand Turk!


  1. Wonderful as always. I just love to read all your posts you put so much into them. I sometimes feel I can see, hear or smell what you are writing about. Keep it up. Loves


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