Despite the captain’s probable prediction of weather not fit to call, we did actually make it to the dock in Cadiz.  There were concerns forecasted about the weather so the night before we tied and secured everything in preparation for rough seas.  My water bottle fell off the shelf but other than that most things remained in order and our trusty navigators got us there safe and sound.  I really enjoyed my short first impression of Cadiz.  We walked around through the ocean side park that presented the symmetrical design with large trees and quaint fountains.  One thing that struck me there and throughout other areas of the city as well was the pedestrian walkways.  So much detail was given to the ground, inlaid with tiles and stones that allowed for patterns and shapes to mark the path.

The buildings shoot up high from the narrow pathways so that no sight is allowed beyond the surrounding shops and the direction that lies ahead.  The city squares are bustling and alive with restaurants and tropical plants that grow from the center.  The people were nice and accommodating on our quest for Rob’s fake eyelashes (there will be an explanation of this later but for now I wanna keep you guessing!), which ended in success after five or six stores.  I had been asking for pestañas estafas, which translates more to corrupted eyelashes, the fake referring more to being unreal.  For those of you who would like to search for false eyelashes in a Spanish-speaking country the following will be your best bet on phrasing: pestañas postizos.  Throughout the endeavor we got some laughs but more importantly, we got the eyelashes!

2 thoughts on “NOT SO PLAIN SPAIN

  1. Love the post! Eyelashes! Well thank god, I’m glad you found some. I’m sure he has either gone fancy or they are for the Atlantis cruise this summer. I’m going with fancy!



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