As our captain had predicted, now that we’re out of the safe and comfortable confines of the Mediterranean, the waves have picked up severely, causing our ship to pitch, roll, rock, and drop.  It’s been pretty insane, some of the more fierce swells I’ve experienced while working on ships.  Our next port of Madeira, Portugal is canceled as of this morning so we are on the first of nine sea days in a row.  The most I have done straight is 5 and that was while working.  I hope to find things to keep myself busy whilst crossing the Atlantic.  We are all hoping the seas calm soon as there have been injuries and broken glass already.

Rob and I live on A deck, the one directly below the lowest guest deck.  There are even more below us; the crashing has been so loud and concerning.  Since we are low and in the middle, more toward the fulcrum that is the lever of the ship, our rocking isn’t nearly as bad as those guests living on either side of deck 10.  Even so, my ears have popped with the elevation gain and loss as we go with the waves.  Normally I do as much as I can to stay away from our tiny cabin, but as it’s facing less rocking action than the guest areas, I am perfectly to happy to hermit for as long as necessary despite the scary noises below me.

I have faith in our navigation team and this beautiful ship, but one can’t help their wandering thoughts as we face this storm.  Next stop, Fort Lauderdale.


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