Messina is a little town in Sicily – you know, the island that the boot of Italy is about to kick in the Mediterranean?  Well, it’s little.  We originally were meant to visit a different port, but we would have had to tender and there happened to be a bike race going on there that day as well so our lovely captain called for a change of itinerary.  Unfortunately I don’t think the little town of Messina had enough notice to bring itself out of its Sunday slumber for the tourist swarm.  Most things were closed and quiet, even restaurants.

We had planned on having a quaint little Italian breakfast first thing in the morning but what we didn’t realize was that in Italy you don’t have the options of eggs or pancakes or toast, it’s mostly just how much cheese you want on your pizza.  So we split a margherita pizza for breakfast, how Italian.  Our restaurant wasn’t as quaint as we had hoped for, but it was located in a little square that was hosting a car show of the largest gathering of the smallest cars I had ever seen.  We also shared the square with a very famous clock tower which hosts one of the largest astronomical clocks in the world.  Just an FYI to future travelers of Messina – food costs more under the tower.  Order wisely!

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