Unfortunately Rob and I caught the bug.  We’ve been taking turn between sniffles, sore throats, and tummy aches; which have made the last couple days of this whirlwind adventure fairytale difficult to embrace and fully take advantage of.  I would love to share crazy fun tales of our escapades in Dubrovnik, but all I can say is that I’m lucky I mustered up the energy to walk around for an hour or so and take a couple photos.

This beautiful ancient city is built on the edge of the Adriatic Sea of which I’m proud to say I dipped a toe in.  The main pedestrian path we walked along, constructed of marble is so shiny you could easily mistake it for a showroom countertop.  Walking, more like sliding, on it made me feel guilty and nervous to scuff it up.  I can say that it doesn’t take a full day of exploration to discover and appreciate the obvious beauty of this Croatian port.

One thought on “A COLD IN CROATIA

  1. Sorry you both got sick. So glad you ventured out, everyone who has ever been says “it’s magical” and I can’t wait to go. Feel better soon.


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