The following port, Mykonos, provided me with my first time in Greece, as well as my first time on an ATV bike.  After snacking on gyros, seven of us headed out exploring the island through the ups and downs of the frequent hills and along the curving paths until we reached the Tropicana Beach Bar, the second “hottest beach bar in the world,” according to the website.  The beach there is beautiful but the club was empty as it was literally on the last day of its season before shutting down for the winter.

After a refreshing drink and quick dance on the stage, we took off to visit another beach bar however this one had already closed down for the season, so we had a rest on the deserted beach instead.  The sand, rather than being fine and powdery, consisted of tiny little gritty rocks like the kind you find in hacky sacks.  The water, a beautiful aquamarine was almost inviting enough to wade in but the sharp biting breeze quickly talked us out of it.

We made it safely back to the rental place with our throttle only giving out once throughout the day.  I am so pleased to say that Mykonos is exactly how it is depicted – sunny with a sky as blue as the tops of those infamous white buildings.


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