Words have escaped me. In the past I had relied on my words to paint pictures of the adventures I had embarked on, keeping long journals detailing the descriptions of the places, cultures, and the feelings those had provoked. As of late I have been relying on my photos to tell the stories of my nomadic ventures. Through those I can share with everyone exactly what I see, however I have lacked the satisfaction that sharing my feelings had given me. With that, I would like to introduce you to my inner thoughts and observations as I travel this beautiful place that I Heart: Earth.

Mind you, this is written simply, for the simple wondering wanderers of the world. Now to catch you up on the escapades that I have failed to record over the years would take months, however I would love to share my current adventure, whilst hopefully finding time to hash some out the past ones whenever possible.

So here I am, on the 22nd of October 2011 sitting in the computer room of a luxury cruise liner, staring out the windows at Mykonos, Greece for the first time. Its stark white buildings, reflecting the sun’s bright rays, accentuate the white caps of the ruffled waters. More on that later…

It’s hard to say exactly when this adventure began. I can trace it back to the beginning of my travel streak back in 2006, or to this past September when my boyfriend and I traveled to Australia to meet my family for a wedding, or we can say it began once we landed in Venice to embark on the newest ship of the fleet we both work for. For the purposes of keeping it short, we’ll begin on a little island in Italy.


Whatcha think?

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